Photos from the event





Theme Camps 2017

Alienz Coffee Shop: 

Alienz, Unicorns, Rocketeers, Time Travellers, Star Children and other Burners bring your mug for cappuccino and treats between 8am-10h30am. Tea & coffee (Self Help) for the rest of the day. Stage for impromptu shows and Sundowner Parties. Sharing of tables is encouraged and everyone is welcome to enjoy the shaded space. Alienz Coffee Shop will seat lotsa people in a welcoming, otherworldly atmosphere.

Maoz Mudhouse:


The Pancake People:

The Pancake people at Wildeburn and eager to welcome you to their Pancake Pozzie. Pancakes 9ish to 11ish daily.

The Pink Martini:

Martini’s and Hot Dogs

Rapid Showers:

Free Showers  (Open and Closed)


The International Theme Camp

Sparkle Ponies:

Costume exchange, make up, dress up and things that will make you sparkle!

Stofadil Sentinel:

Tankwa Town’s most famous daily newspaper


Wacky Spankers:


Father and daughter on a mission! Come have dinner with us at the Veganator Camper Van, sign up daily for an awesome vegan dinner prepared with love and accompanied by the soothing songs of Sophie!

Wild Spirit: 

Spiritual Haven & Body mapping by Lisa